Established in 1983, DIIL JEEVA Group has grown to become one of India's most innovative and respected steel company with a reputation for outstanding customer service. We manufacture high strength steel products which are used in a wide range of industries including mining, construction, transport, energy, general engineering and military applications. Today our products play a big part in people's everyday lives, being vital components in suburban houses, landmark buildings and structures.

DIIL JEEVA Group is committed to keeping up with modern technology whilst maintaining the highest standards of service. That means we focus on what matters most – you, the customer.

With a 35-year history of partnering with distributors, specifiers and other channel partners to deliver innovative products and service solutions.

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We DIIL JEEVA are committed to adding value to both DIIL JEEVA and our customer's business. So when you partner with DIIL JEEVA you are partnering with a specialist that will deliver the quality products you need


DIIL JEEVA's Quality Management System complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000

Customer Focus

We know and understand our customers' needs, We are each other's customers. We are passionate about solving problems.


Our steel range include structural, precision, pipeline and hot rolled structural steel. more than a tag line.

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DIIL JEEVA specializes in manufacturing of steel that is precise, consistent and reliable. Every length of steel that leaves our facility passes our quality management system, which is certified, to ISO 9001.

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