Legacy of Trust {Quality}

Unmatched Strength of Assured Quality

Excellence in production is our prime motto and we never compromise on the quality of both, machines and the men behind them. Each cycle of production is followed by onsite quality control and analysis.

Customer Satisfaction

Technological Advancement

Cost Reduction

Quality Implementation

  • Strict adherence to sampling and testing of steel chemistry
  • Detailed sampling of finished products
  • Rolling in negative tolerance
  • Advanced products through technological upgrades
  • Ensuring systematic working procedures
  • Strict adherence to ISI standards and procedures
  • High team motivation to meet the company's vision

Quality Assurance

The company is committed on providing the customers with quality products through in-process quality inspection, strict adherence to delivery schedule and prompt service. Quality accreditations Dhanlaxmi-turbo TMT re-bars are produced based on German Technology and Design. Our processes and products conform to: German Bst 420S/500S of Din 488m British Gr. 460 of BS 4449/- 1978, Egyptian Standard 262/1988 Gr. 36/52 and 40/60. Fe-500 & Fe-550 IS: 2000:2015 JJIS G3112 1975 SD 30, 35, 40 & 50; Swiss topar 550S of SIA 162; French Fe E50 of NF A35-016.

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