DIIL TMT are produced Based on German Technology and Design; a process which guarantees the required properties as per Indian and International Standards.

Our processes and products confirm to:

German Bst 420S/500S of DIN 488, British Gr. 460 of BS 4449/- 1978
Egyptian Standard 262/1988 Gr. 36/52 and 40/60
Fe-415, Fe-550 IS: 1786/85 JJIS G3112 1975 SD 30, 35, 40 & 50
Swiss topar 550S of SIA 162; French Fe E50 of NF A35-016


DIIL TMT (Thermo-Mechanical-Treatment) is a special heat treatment process, wherein the heat treatment is right from rolling process. At the exit of the rolled product, the ribbed bar is subjected to the TMT process across 3 stages.

  • Stage 1: This involves successive steps of rapid quenching in a special water system converting the surface layer of ribbed bar into a hardened structure.
  • Stage 2: This is tempering process, which involves the flow of the heat from the core of the bar to the surface.
  • Stage 3: Finally, the bars are cooled in atmospheric air on the cooling bed. This transforms the outer case of the bar into tempered martensitic state, while internally the bar becomes a fine pearlite core. The TMT process eliminates all undesirable qualities of the normally treated bar.
  • The DIIL TMT, therefore attains higher strength, and this gives the bar excellent ductility, enhanced bendability and superiority.

Merits of DIIL TMT

  • Saves 14% - 19% steel
  • Better safety of structures, owing to higher elongation
  • Suitable seismic loading (i.e., in earth-quake prone areas) due to enhanced fatigue resistance
  • Suitable for area prone to fire hazards
  • Improved resistance to corrosion than CTD bars
  • Pre-fabrication of meshed possible
  • Ease in working on-site